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Two Democrats and three Independents formed a fusion campaign to run for the Guilford Board of Education and put our children first. By working across party lines, our team will be a voice for parents and students and keep our schools among the best in the state. Join Democrats and Independents today to protect Guilford schools and reject extreme conspiracy theories. Vote Rows A & C for BOE!


  • Protect Guilford Public Schools, as they are among the best in the nation, while building on this success by guaranteeing that all learners have outstanding instruction in all circumstances, ensuring adequate resources for the small class sizes proven to improve learning, making sure that our students have access to the highest quality instructional materials, making parents partners in the learning process, and requiring the most effective professional development and training for teachers.

  • Value an honest, inclusive, and equitable education for all children. Our job is to open young minds, not close them. We will champion the needs of all students, finding ways to provide opportunities for each individual student to reach their full potential. We support Guilford Public Schools' commitment to fostering an environment of equity and social justice in schools and the initiatives to ensure an inclusive education for all students. See more from GPS on these initiatives, which are also supported by the Connecticut State Department of Education.

  • Respectfully support our excellent GPS teachers and administrators who have brought our schools to the high achieving place they are. We will ensure their rights, and those of our students, to a safe and protected learning environment. We will bring our varied expertise to the BOE to support and guide our district.

  • Advocate for continuing science-based initiatives in support of the mental and physical well-being of students, inclusive of their social and emotional growth. We will continue to prioritize protecting the health of staff and students.

  • Bring the voices of our constituents to the process, not our own personal agendas, and ensure the needs of the community are heard. We will continue to keep politics out of the classroom.

  • Focus on creating efficiency and generating ideas to utilize resources in the most cost-effective and high-value way. Always being receptive to opportunities for improvement.